Top 10 Organic Stories of 2018

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Top Ten Organic and Food News Stories of 2018

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This year was full of agriculture, food and organic news. Every week, the team pulls together the top news stories that they find most important for organic consumers to read. These news collections get put up on their blog on Fridays and shared on social media throughout the week. From all of those weekly news collections they’ve identified the top ten news stories to get you caught up before 2019 gets underway!
  1. New Study Links Cancer Prevention To An Organic Diet
  2. In EWG’s New Tests, Weed Killer Found In All Kids Cereal Samples
  3. Monsanto Ordered to Pay $289m As Jury Rules Weedkiller Caused Man’s Cancer
  4. These Farmers Switched to Organic After Pesticides Made Their Families Sick
  5. Pesticides in Foods Can Harm Human Fertility
  6. Mixtures of Chemicals Present at ‘Safe’ Levels Cause Liver Damage
  7. Demand For Organic Flourishing Across The States
  8. Herbicide Use Contributes To Antibiotic Resistance In Some Bacteria
  9. Organic Farming Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission
  10. Reports From Dicamba’s Drift Across America

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