Spring Thyme Herb Farm: Hockessin, Delaware

Garlic, chives and Basil in the fields


Spring Thyme Herb Farm is our hyper- local source for herbs, all year-round. They are wholesale only have been Certified Organic since 1994. Specializing in culinary herbs, including many usual varieties, and edible flowers, Spring Thyme herbs add flavor and nutrition to any meal.

Here are some interesting herbal facts from Spring Thyme Herb Farm:

  • Herbs have been grown and used since ancient times. The Romans rubbed their wooden dining tables with fresh rosemary and mint for a lovely smell while dining.
  • Herbs have the highest oil content and strongest flavor right before they flower.
  • Fresh herbs and edible flowers are wonderful additions in cooking and as garnishes. Using herbs and flowering herbs in flower bouquets adds beauty, scent and texture.
  • Fresh herbs add fresh flavor to food. When cooking with fresh herbs use 2-3 times as much fresh as you would use of the same dried herb. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Lavender Spring Thyme Herb Farm

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  1. I would like to purchase flowers for a party March 31. I live in suburban Philadelphia . Where can I find? Which Whole Foods carry.

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