Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms: Landenberg, Pennsylvania


Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms is the premier year-round grower of Certified Organic Mushrooms, not only for those of us locals, but for millions of Americans nationwide. We have the good fortune of being neighbors to the mushroom growing capital of the world, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and the numerous outlying cement block buildings, chicken houses, and hay fields that make up the backbone of the edible fungus industry in the United States.

Harvest Market offers a selection of Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms in our well-stocked Organic Produce case, including: White Button, Baby Bella (Criminis), Portabella Caps and Shiitake. The company, located in Landenberg, Pennsylvania, has been family-owned and operated for 90 years, and in 2011, was featured alongside the Kennett Square Farmers Market in the’s journey: “A Tour of Mushroom Country”.

Mushroom farming, past and present, has a direct impact on our local economy and landscape. Every September, you can visit the Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square to experience the internal operations of a mushroom farm or learn how to prepare mushrooms at a cooking demonstration along the State Street Fair. Any way you cut them, mushrooms have long-since been known for their varied tastes and textures, in addition to their immunity-building and medicinal properties.

Consider adding a handful of Mother Earth mushrooms to your next meal, using any number of The Mushroom Council’s mouth-water recipes. Get your package of locally-grown, always seasonal, Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms today at Harvest Market. Thanks for helping us support local farmers!

2 thoughts on “Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms: Landenberg, Pennsylvania

  1. Hi, I have a question about whole BABY BELLA mushrooms which I bought at a health food store yesterday late afternoon to cook for today. After opening the package the tops of the mushrooms have a sticky film on the them, are they okay to use?

  2. Good question, Marie. In the article “How to Tell When Mushrooms Are Bad” from CookingLight magazine, it is stated that “a slimy film is the telltale sign of a spoiled mushroom.” In that case, we would agree that it’s probably best to follow the sage advice – when in doubt, throw it out. Hope this helps!

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