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Harvest Market is honored to carry natural skin care products from Essensia Botanicals, a small company founded by our own former staff member, Kristin Moore.

Essensia Botanicals Balance OilWhat makes Essensia Botanicals so special? 

  • Made in small batches with excellent, clean ingredients for freshness and efficacy
  • Tested only on sensitive humans
  • Concentrated; a little goes a long way
  • Intended to help awaken your true essence and promote luxurious, daily self care
  • Made with Love

What do we have in stock at Harvest Market?

  • CLEANSE with Hemp Jojoba Facial Oil
  • REFRESH with Everyday Toning Mist
  • NOURISH with Hemp Jojoba Facial Oil for Dry/Mature skin
  • BALANCE with Hemp Jojoba Facial Oil for Normal to Oily/Combination skin
  • DEEP ROOTS Aromatherapy Spray – Sandalwood Cypress Cedarwood
  • PURE BLISS Aromatherapy Spray – Lavender Clary Sage Ylang Ylang
  • HEALING HEART Aromatherapy Spray – Rose Bergamot Neroli

Essensia Botanicals

In her own words, read about Kristin’s story and the healing intentions behind Essensia Botanicals, our newest line of high-quality, skin care at Harvest Market. 

Mission: We aim to support small farmers, educate people about the benefits of hemp, help reduce the stigma associated with it, and help bring back one of the oldest, most versatile, significant and sustainable plants to be cultivated by human civilization. By buying EB products, you are helping to fuel this mission!

Intention: I want everyone to embrace self care as a daily habit, in a practical way, so we can keep doing it, and do it with ease in our busy lifestyle. We all need to take care of our bodies , especially in this day and age, and we all need to take care of our mind and spirit as well; relieve stress, decompress, and feel GOOD. It’s our human right! By using these products, you are caring for yourself holistically in one convenient step. You’re getting clean, simple yet luxurious skin care with a boost of aromatherapy and flower essences.

Healing Heart AromatherapyIntegrity: We care about what goes into each bottle; both in terms of ethical sourcing, and efficacy. We are 99% plant based, with raw local honey as the exception. Many of our ingredients are foods you may find in your kitchen. We mix small batches for freshness and potency. Our carefully selected blends of pure therapeutic grade essential oils have remarkable medicinal properties that enter and leave the body with great efficiency, leaving no toxins behind. Both topically and by inhalation, you receive the multitude of benefits of these oils. The addition of flower essences brings a vibrational healing element, along with a connection to nature- something many of us don’t get enough of these days. I personally make each essence, from flowers on our farm in Durango, CO and also in the wild western mountain and desert terrain between our Colorado farm and Northern Mew Mexico. The biodiversity of this region is awe inspiring, breathtaking, healing and rejuvenating. The process of making the essences is nothing short of magical. Every bottle gets a little bit of this magical energy put into it. Flower essences ground us and center us and bring us back into alignment with the Earth and our own true essence. We also carefully wildcraft medicinal herbs and flowers of this western region.

Inspiration: We feature hemp in our skin care products for a number of reasons.

  1. The incredible benefits of hemp on our skin. The essential fatty acids, vitamins and other vital nutrients in hemp seed oil perform brilliant effects on the skin without clogging pores, and leaves skin soft and supple. Hemp extract helps give the skin a smooth and moisturized appearance and is high in antioxidants.

  2. Hemp is an eco-friendly renewable resource requiring no pesticides or fertilizers for growth, and it replenishes the soil anywhere it grows.

  3. We are farmers at heart. We absolutely love what we do and want to always have our hands in the dirt and the sun on our backs. We grow as much of our own ingredients as possible. We believe so much in the benefits of hemp, that we got licensed to grow our own hemp this year. It was a great first year and we learned a lot. Our goal is to be able to supply all our hemp for our products in the near future.

Meet the Maker

Kristin MooreKristin has spent over half her life steeped in the world of holistic living, organic growing, and natural healing practices. As a mother of three children, her products were born out of a desire to experience self-care and luxury in a simple and pure way that can fit easily into a busy, full life. She understands the need for nurturing the self while caring for others. Kristin strives to bring you simple, concentrated, formulas that go a long way. Products that take you to a place of pristine magic, much like the plant world from which they came. Kristin personally grows and wildcrafts many of the herbs in her formulas. Communicating with a deep love and strong intuition towards these plant allies, Kristin is able to source specific essences of the flowers to benefit your body, mind and soul. To share these gifts and help elevate the human experience into the magical is driving passion.


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