It’s Turkey Time

Turkey Orders 2021

To place your order by November 17 at 4pm, call us at 302-234-6779 or stop by our Customer Service desk in the store, located at 7417 Lancaster Pike in Hockessin, Delaware. Pick ups take place November 22-24.

Organic TurkeyWhat’s on the Menu for 2021?

T.A. Farms offers:

  • Local, Natural Whole Fresh Turkeys at $3.99/lb. in three pound weight ranges from 12-30 lbs.
  • Bone-In Breast for $5.99/lb.

D’Artagnan offers:

  • Certified Organic Fresh Turkeys* at $4.99/lb. (8-20 pound range) SOLD OUT!
  • Bone-In Breast* for $8.99/lb. (6-8 lbs. each) SOLD OUT!

NOTE: We’ll do our best to get to that preference within the weight range, but there is no guarantee on size.

Vegan/Vegetarian Options

  • Field Roast Celebration Roast on SALE in November for $5.99
  • Tofurky Roast*

*Limited supplies available

About the Farms

T.A. Farms

T.A. Farms TurkeysT.A. Farms has been raising and processing turkeys for over 30 years in Wyoming, Delaware. They pride themselves on providing only the best all natural turkeys. T.A. Farms is a family-run business with a focus on providing their turkeys with their own homegrown feed. Every bird is free-range and never fed any growth enhancer or medication.

We applaud the farmers at T.A. Farms for using sustainable practices. T.A. Farm raises meats “with the utmost care, putting quality food” on our tables and strives daily to continue “a family tradition.” T.A. Farms’ fresh Thanksgiving turkeys include a pop-up thermometer and bagged giblets inside the turkey.

  • Locally-raised in Delaware
  • Processed on farm
  • Small family-run farm
  • Conventional feed is grown on the farm
  • Free range
  • No antibiotics and added growth hormones

turkeyD’Artagnan Organic Turkeys

The birds are raised on a co-op of farms around the Midwest-predominantly from the Illinois-Iowa area. They are raised on small Amish and Mennonite farms that are second generation owned and operated. Industry standard on birds as far as age at processing is about 10 weeks. We go the extra mile and raise our birds out to about 13-18 weeks. This introduces a deeper, richer roasted turkey flavor.

A certified-organic turkey must meet strict growing conditions dictated by the USDA. The corn and soy feed is certified-organic and is non-GMO. It does not contain any animal by-products, protein supplements, growth hormones, tranquilizers, or antibiotics. Also, the bird must drink pure spring water without chlorine or fluoride. Our birds are also free range, meaning they have access to natural light and are able to forage outdoors. The result is a healthier, leaner bird with a distinctively rich flavor. These birds would spent their entire lives outdoors if they could, obviously weather permitting.