Honest Sport

Honest Sport LemonHonest Sport BerryThis Summer, make your outdoor excursion or workout a little more a-peel-ing with Honest Tea’s new Honest Sport line of drinks with electrolytes and fruit juices.

After finishing a triathlon, Honest Tea’s co-owner, Seth, realized the Honest Tea family was missing something — an organic sports drink! Honest Sport combines organic fruit juices and Fair Trade sugar with the right balance of sodium, potassium, and water to help refresh, refuel, and rehydrate. With a crisp, clean taste, Honest Sport is designed to drink rather than pour over someone’s head.

Harvest Market now carries Honest Sport in Lemon, Berry and Orange flavors in our refrigerator. Grab one and quench your thirst today!

Learn more about the Fair Trade and Organic principles behind Honest Tea’s mission.

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