Harvest Market Kitchen Reopening

After two years of planning and a three-week shutdown our newly-renovated commercial kitchen is up and running. We would like to thank all of our customers for your patience during the downtime while our contractors worked to build us a safer and more efficient workspace. This was a complete reset with new wall coverings, ceiling, flooring, refrigeration, ovens, work tables and the piece de resistance–an actual automatic ware-washer. We now have a beautiful, ergonomically better and more energy efficient kitchen. Our kitchen crew loves their revamped workspace and are eager to create even more of the delicious grab-and-go recipes they’ve been known for for the last six years.

We’d like to send a shout-out to all of the consultants and contractors who helped us make our new kitchen possible:
  • Allen Seidner of Thought for Food Consulting for his design work and much hand-holding.
  • Mike, Matt and the entire Trimark crew in Minnesota for equipment selection, procurement and installation.
  • Ken Ralsten of Premier Builders–our general contractor.
  • Mike Scalia and his crew at Scalia Plumbing.
  • Jeff King of Conductive Electric–our always fantastic electrician.
  • Dave and Vince Falconi from Northeastern Coatings for our easy-to-clean new floors.
  • The Erco Ceilings and Interiors crew from New Jersey.
  • Our local fire-suppression whizzes at Hoopes Fire.

And the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Engineering Plan Review Department for approving our plan as submitted.

And a special thanks to Megan, Beth, Seth, Aryan, Delaney, Mako, Ted, Maya, Fumie, Mia, Debbie, Radha, Sarah, Julia, Alexus, Xochitl, Miguelina, Miriam & Lily that create all of those nourishing, sustainable and delicious foods every day for the rest of us to enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Harvest Market Kitchen Reopening

  1. Congratulations and thank you for continuing to bring the tastiest and most nutritious foods to our community, even through these challenging times. I LOVE you all for making my life healthier and happier.❤️

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