Curbside Pickup Coming Soon, New Closing Hours, Ending Special Orders, and Other Updates

A message to our Harvest Market community:

As we continue to try to stay one step ahead of daily developments and worsening conditions regionally and nationwide, our goal is to provide you with a safe shopping experience and our staff with a safe working experience, while ensuring access to the same high quality food and products you depend upon to nourish yourselves and your families.

Curbside Pickup Coming Soon

In that spirit of safety and service, we began working on a Curbside Pickup plan a week ago as it became apparent that this would be a tremendous benefit to the safety of both our customers and staff. We are testing an online pilot program now to work out the bugs and will be launching it through our website soon. You will be able to fill out a Google Form which will be confirmed then processed by our order taking staff in the evenings and fulfilled the next day.

We will notify you as soon as we are ready to go live so stay tuned! We ask for your patience in advance as we anticipate being deluged with orders and are assembling an evening team to provide this new service. We will not be able to accept Curbside Pickup orders over the phone. A special thanks to our Point of Sale guru Evan, who has created this system!

Please, please, please – DO NOT CALL the store to ask when the program will become available to the public. This will tie up staff who are much needed elsewhere. We will inform you on social media and the website as well as signage in store. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration!

New Closing Hours, 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday, Effective Monday, March 23, 2020

To allow the Curbside Pickup team to begin working on the online orders earlier each evening, the store will close at 6pm Monday through Saturday, with Sunday hours remaining 10am-6pm. The store will continue to open as usual at 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday.

A reminder that Senior Hours are from 8am-9am, only on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Tuesday and Fridays the store is NOT open early for Senior Hours due to large deliveries.

Special Orders and Hold Requests No Longer Available

In other news from the store, our dedicated and experienced buyers are working nonstop negotiating with our vendors and distributors to make sure there is as little disruption to our product availability as possible. That said, the natural products supply chain nationwide is stretched to the max meeting the demand of this crisis, and we are encountering out of stocks and altered delivery times which are beyond our control.

Thank you for the patience and understanding you have shown when we have to limit purchases of certain products.

For these reasons, we will no longer be able to take Special Orders or Hold Requests, effective immediately.

We know that this is a popular program many of you rely upon and we understand this will be greatly missed. We must now focus our staff efforts on stocking our shelves equitably for the entire community and processing sales of existing product in the store. Thank you for your understanding.

Expanding Sanitary Shopping Practices

We continue to review our sanitary practices and have two more requests to ensure customer and staff safety.

First, we can no longer refill growlers with Kombucha.

While supplies last, we will provide you with a growler that will then need to be recycled. These are free one time use growlers for a limited time only.

Second, please do not bring your reusable bags.

We will only be bagging with our standard paper bags to ensure a higher level of sanitation.

Social Distancing Requests & Suggestions

We are glad to report that the social distancing within the store has been well received and effective. Thanks to all of you for your patience while waiting to enter the store and for your consideration of others while shopping throughout the store. We are all working together to Flatten the Curve! Thanks also to our amazing concierges, Megan, our Kitchen Chef and Manager, and Val, our Assistant Front End Manager. We are also very happy to welcome back Holly, our former Communications Coordinator, who has returned in this time of crisis to support the community and help manage customer flow.

Now that this practice has been in place for several days, we’ve come up with some additional requests to make us all safer.

First, we ask that only one adult per household shop in the store at a time.

As we limit the number of people entering the store, it’s far more effective to admit one person rather than a couple or two family members. Thank you for making space for everyone!

Second, if at all possible, and we know this is a difficult ask – please find a way for your children to stay at home or with a trusted friend or family member.

We understand that this is such a challenging time for parents and families with small children who are often cut off from their support systems. We suggest this because we want, more than anything, to protect the little people and limit their exposure to others as much as possible. We are doing everything we can to make a safe place for you all, and yet, this is an incredibly uncertain time with the medical community reeling from this truly “novel” virus. We don’t know, but we’d feel a lot better if your kids are home safe.

As ever, for the good of your neighbor and yourself, if you are experiencing any symptoms, please do not shop at Harvest Market or anywhere else until you have been tested and cleared.

Finally, we are walking into uncharted territory, but knowing we are all in this together makes it easier. Please know that we are doing everything in our power to think critically and creatively and act proactively and compassionately to continue providing the essential service of being your community grocer. Please join us in expressing thanks to all of our courageous staff who are working tirelessly through these challenging conditions.

If you have any questions about our practices and policies or want to offer comments or concerns, please email them to us directly to our general mailbox, or use the contact form below. We will do our best to respond within three days, but please understand that these are extraordinary times and while we are trying to summon extraordinary energy, we are still human! Take care of yourselves and enjoy this day!

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