Gratitude & Safety Practices Update

Gratitude Right Back at YOU!

We’d like to begin by thanking all of you who have been so supportive of the measures we have taken for everyone’s safety and for your many messages of gratitude and appreciation, whether sent by mail, email or social media.   Even if we haven’t responded directly, we are reading them and passing them along to our staff so they can know their efforts are meaningful and that they are making a difference in people’s lives.
Whether we’ve made certain changes to adhere to state and federal regulations, to implement the critical recommendations of experienced public health professionals, to find creative solutions for the myriad of staffing, product availability, delivery and distribution issues you cannot even imagine, we are ultimately making these decisions and choices with one goal in mind – to protect people – our staff and our customers.  We are all in this together!

Safety and Sanitary Shopping Practices Update

Did you know we sanitize the store every hour?  Each hour, a staff member is tasked with not only sanitizing handles, wiping down counters and pin pads, but every cart and hand basket that is used by a customer is sanitized by the Sanitation Concierge at the front doors before another customer uses it!

We continue to implement strategies to keep everyone safe! Here’s some practices we have put into place:
New Lexan at registers
Lexan Shields at Registers
Lexan shields have been installed at each of the registers to provide more protection between staff and customers. Thank you to Bob for making this happen.
Staff Masks
Staff Masks
The recommendations about face masks have now shifted so our staff will be wearing paper face masks while waiting for an order of washable cotton and polypropylene masks to arrive. The Kitchen staff have been wearing their own special type of face shields and also have paper masks. We have also ordered safety glasses as they become available.
Please shop with your eyes
Touch Only What You Intend to Purchase in Produce
As you are considering your choice of fresh produce items which are unbagged, please only touch what you intend to purchase. Identify your desired item and commit!! Please, please, please – do not pick up items then put them back down. This is a common sense practice which is safer for everyone! Don’t forget to wash your produce before you use it.

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