Looking for some inspiration during the Harvest Market Kitchen Renovation? Our chefs are offering recipes from their own home kitchens. These are simple favorites, that can be made in about 30 minutes.  You can find all of the recipes and the backstories here on our blog. You can also see videos of the chefs talking about their recipes by clicking on the links below.

Hope this will tide you over until we are back to the business of providing you with Real Food to Go! See you soon!


Click here to see Megan talk about her recipe for Roasted Duck Breast with Root Vegetables 

Click here to see Fumie talk about her recipe for Nikujaga

Take a look into our range of seasonal offerings at the Harvest Market Kitchen.

At the Harvest Market Kitchen, we use the best ingredients available to prepare food that is vibrant, nutritious and delectable. The same high quality ingredients offered for sale on our retail floor are the same ingredients we use in our kitchen. Our food is prepared daily in small batches by our expert culinary crew right here in our own kitchen. Being small allows us the control and flexibility needed to be spontaneous, creative and innovative in our offerings. We enjoy responding to the changes of the season, the availability of local produce, and the needs of our customers. view more