Birchrun Hills Cheeses

Birchrun Hills Farm is a small family dairy farm with an on-site creamery in northern Chester County, Pennsylvania. Owned and operated by Ken and Sue Miller and their two sons, Randy and Jesse, with the support of cheesemaker Drew Bristol, the Millers control every step of how their products are made. From sustainably growing crops to feed their herd of 80 holstein cows and producing high-quality milk, to making cheese and aging cheeses in their underground aging-facility. We love supporting this family-run local business and are excited to share their delicious cheeses with you.

Birchrun Curds

Cheese Curds, available in original. These are a blast. Not only an easy, fun snack for kids and adults alike, with fruit or veggies, but also as an easy, protein-rich add-in to any hot meal. Cheese curds, like paneer or halloumi, lend exceptionally well to sautéing, as they hold their texture when heated. Here’s a fun recipe for Poutine, a traditional Canadian recipe using cheese curds. Cheese curds also make a great alternative to mozzarella on a pizza!

Birchrun Red Cat Cheese

Red Cat: A full-bodied, washed rind raw cow milk cheese that is meaty, supple, and rich. If you like savory, try it paired with your favorite kimchi or sauerkraut, especially in a grilled cheese! If you are new to the “stinkier” cheeses, you may want to try Red Cat in a sweeter scenario, with some of Walt’s Swarmbustin’ buckwheat honey… the essence of spring!

Birchrun Blue Cheese

Birchrun Blue: You know it well, as it has swiftly become one of our best-sellers. We love its creamy texture, and perfect blend of sweet and savory. How do you enjoy it? Share your recipes and pairing ideas with us! Bon appétit!