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This is Not How We Planned on Spending our 25th Anniversary Year


After 25 years in business, and 41 years as a grocer, I would have thought that we had experienced everything that could have possibly impacted a business. This past year has certainly proven me wrong. From the old standbys like employee issues and refrigeration failures that make food retailing so fun, to the impacts of recessions and increasing competition, nothing has impacted how Harvest Market conducts business as much as dealing with COVID-19 has since mid-March. The two major storms in August, power failure and the resulting two-day closure were a mere distraction compared to the daily grind that the pandemic brings.

And yet here we are. Harvest Market is still going strong after 25 years. Our staff of more than 50 continues to excel at what we were doing pre-COVID—providing our community with the most nutritious, sustainable and delicious foods we can find for our more than 2,000 customers each week. This has certainly not been an easy year. It takes far more effort—and expense—to keep our store as safe as possible and minimize the risk of virus transmission to both staff and customers.  Thanks to the diligence of all of our staff following the recommended guidelines and taking precautions, we have managed to remain COVID-free. 

The response to our efforts has been overwhelmingly positive. Sure, there have been a handful of shoppers who have been less than appreciative of our efforts, but we are heartened by the validation we get from the majority. Dana S. recently wrote to us after her first time in the store, “Customer service is excellent and the management of COVID is the best I’ve seen.” Thank you for your support and cooperation as we work to keep all of us as safe and healthy as possible.

2020 has not been without its high points. We won another Best of Delaware award from Delaware Today Magazine.  And, after two years of planning, a complete renovation of our commercial kitchen was completed in October. Our kitchen manager, Megan, and her amazingly talented crew make everything in our open deli case from scratch with the same high-quality ingredients that we sell in our store. Check out our selection. Your taste buds will be glad you did.

As we look forward to 2021, we know that a more normal world without masks and physical distancing will return.  It won’t happen right away. Maybe not until the end of the year after the majority of us have been vaccinated. But it will happen.  In the meantime, let’s keep looking out for one another.  We send our best wishes for the holiday season. 

Bob Kleszics

Founder and Co-owner


11 thoughts on “A Message from our Founder

  1. Harvest Market has done a superb job in adapting to the challenges of Covid19!! I feel very comfortable shopping there each week. Customers appreciate simple explanations for why some products aren’t available. We are adapting right along with you! Bravo!!

  2. Harvest Market has been a beacon of light in a sometimes gray world. We can always rely on your very delicious and high quality foods — which also help to keep us healthy. We have come to think of the staff as part of the family — and fortunately, it’s a part of the family we are still allowed to see! Special thanks to you and all of the Harvest Market family for being there through some very challenging times. Happy Holidays!

  3. While not a “heavy duty” shopper, I have enjoyed the fruits of your labor (literally and figuratively) for most of the 25 years you have been in business…During this Covid-crisis, I ramped up my trips to Harvest Market in my avoidance of anything large-scale — in the process, everything I have appreciated and enjoyed about the Market has been significantly reinforced and magnified! Simply stated: Kudos to all of you and THANK YOU!

  4. I have been an infrequent shopper since the pandemic. So, it was with great surprise I saw the ‘Celebrating 25 years’ t-shirts when picking up my Thanksgiving turkey. I remember your first store (in the shopping center where the Hockessin Acme is) and what a nightmare Acme created for you. And I go even further back since I was a member of the Newark Food Co-op. Through it all, you have been professional, building the business from the ground up. Your business has been an asset to my family and to the broader community.


  5. The consistent quality and great staff found at Harvest Market every day are wonderful – many places claim this, but HM truly lives it! Thank you so much!

  6. Wonderful store! I’ve been shopping HM since it was on the other side of Lancaster Pike. My favorite grocery store.

  7. Really appreciate and admire all efforts made at Harvest to offer a safe shopping environment. And our first time ever ordering fresh turkey from you worked out great even though I never cooked one before this year. Thank you!

  8. Bob – Your staff is always ready to help and always courteous and knowledgeable. The bakery is second to none I think! I seen some pretty lame Covid policies out there and some very good ones and your store is easily the most caring and takes more precautions than I have seen out there. Kudos to you and all of the staff at Harvest Market!

  9. Since the pandemic began, Harvest Market is the only grocery store where I feel safe shopping. I know that following the Covid guidelines has not been easy, but your staff is still smiling and your customer service continues to be the best in the area!

  10. Thank you for the heartfelt note you wrote appreciating your customers…. your employees… the words of hope. We, too, are happy Harvest Market has continued to survive during this very tough time. We will also be your forever customers. Happy Holidays

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